March 9, 2012


Can I just say that I'm in love with my new batman socks?  So, today, I realized, I REALLY needed some new socks. I haven't gotten any new pairs in over a year and a half and they are all getting worn out and it's just all bad. So, after work, I (pretty much made) the boyfriend take me to the mall. We went to EVERY store that could possibly sell socks until I found the perfect pair. After going to every store, we went back to Hot Topic, where I got these and some from  Aeropostale. Colorful socks, FTW. 

March 5, 2012

Converse FTW!

At school, I sit at this cool place right outside of the library that we like to call "The Bench," in between classes, where all of my friends congregate.  This picture is of Danny's feet. We have the same shoes. Converse FTW!

March 4, 2012

Cliff Beach

I had to chase birds to get this picture ----->

After church, we were supposed to go to to boyfriend's sister's house, but those plans fell through.  It seemed pointless to go home since we were in San Francisco so we grabbed some In-N-Out Burger and looked for a beach.  We found this beach on the side of a cliff that we had to climb down. This beach was a mixture of a horse and a dog beach. There were dogs everywhere and we saw people riding horses along the shore. The sand was really hard, so it was super easy to walk, but getting back up the cliff side wasn't so easy. We collected colorful stones and shells to show my cousins (they really enjoyed them and chose to keep a few tiny shells because "They are tiny just like us.") <---- There were also stairs that were built for giants to go back up the cliff..  Had to do lunges all the way up.  Then we had to walk along the side of the highway to get back to our car.