April 28, 2012


 Today was an amazing day. Daniel got everything he wanted and more.  He got to hang out with his brother-in-laws and I got to spend time with his mom and sisters, which was pretty cool. It made me feel as if i was even more a part of their family than I did before.  I took pictures while the girls went shopping and they said that I would be doing the baby shower and maternity pictures, which is awesome because that means I must be doing something right if someone wants me to do their pictures. His mom kept telling me about how much she loved my pictures and stuff. It was just awesome. :]

Then we went out to eat and went back to his house to four layer chocolate cake and home videos.

<--- Look at him cheesin' before the candles are blown out. <3

April 27, 2012

Sentinels of the Multiverse

After work, the boyfriend took me over to his friend's house where they and another of their friends played this nerdish superhero card game. They kept thinking that I was going to get bored, but it was actually quite entertaining. :]

April 26, 2012

Photo Collages via Instagram

I didn't have class until noon today, so I spent the morning in bed, drifting through blogs (some of my current favorites are The Uniqueness of Being and Cheeky Cheeky), Twitter, Instagram, and my personal favorite, free iPod Apps.  On instagram, I've noticed a lot of people who use template things like in these pictures and i thought they were pretty cool, so I had to find one myself.  I ended up downloading like ten different Apps so I could find the perfect one, but I still don't really like any of them yet. Hopefully I will find a better one! 
So, I was messing around with the apps before class, I made the collage with my face, which I think looks pretty awesome. It could be so much better, but I didn't have much time.  Same with the flower petal collage. I was being rushed out the door to go for a walk while I was working on that on, but I still think it's pretty cute. 

April 25, 2012

Art History Flashcards

I have an Art History test tomorrow that I procrastinated on studying for, so most of my day was dedicated to committing titles, artists, locations, periods, and dates to memory.  I'm absolutely terrible at remembering dates though, so this is a little harder than it seems. Not to mention that I have FIFTY-THREE (I counted) pieces of art to memorize when the test will only have like eight. Either way, with the help of some friends (Ninja Turtle Plumber Dude, Theo, and The Boyfriend) I've got these pieces of art under my belt and I'm ready to do my best. Thanks guys!