March 3, 2012

Ladybug Fields Forever

A few weeks ago, the boyfriend and I went to Oyster Bay, where we found a field infested with ladybugs. We sat in the field, watching the ladybugs crawl up the blades of grass and all along the ground.  The little red specks were everywhere and we never would have seen them if we did not look closely.  We had both seen ladybugs before, but it was as if I was seeing one for the very first time in the place where it had actually belonged.  If we were “too busy” we would have walked right past what we nicknamed “Ladybug Fields” and I would not have all of the amazing pictures I took that afternoon.

March 2, 2012

Blockbuster ALL DAY

Today, I had an eight hour shift at work, so I had like no day to myself except for this morning, which I spent looking at random photography blogs. So, at Blockbuster, there were random crazy customers. One who was fighting with me over a dollar late fee and another who acted like she didn't like our prices or due dates and was rolling her eyes the entire time. People are so strange. It wasn't a bad day though and my boyfriend brought me dinner. Rigatoni and salad. <3

March 1, 2012


Rain, Rain, Go Away. Come Again Another Day.
Sitting on the bench, watching the rain pour down and the puddles get larger and larger. I got up to take a picture of rain drops on the tree branches, and I noticed the reflection of the tree in the puddle. This is one of my favorite pictures right now.

February 27, 2012

California Sunset

This picture was also taken on the 25th. IN MY DEFENSE, it felt like three days.  This was taken at school because after the baby shower, I had to go to my Art History professor's art show.  Eww. The sunset was anywhere  but Eww, though. It was so beautiful. I really like how the trees kind of showcase the sun as it sets and the colors flow froma grayish-blue to fa fiery-orange.

February 26, 2012

Dirty Windows

So, TECHNICALLY, I took this yesterday on the 25th, driving home from the Baby Shower. I just wanted to fill in the gaps between dates.  I don't exactly know why I decided to post this picture. I could have easily picked on of the pictures of windmills, but what am I going to say about a windmill?
"Life is a highway, 
I wanna ride it All night long 
If you're going my way, 
I wanna drive it All night long" 
-Rascal Flatts