May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

I have been looking forward to my birthday pretty much all month long, which is strange because usually I don't really like my birthday. Stuff always goes wrong and it is just never very fun, but this year is different. It's changing my view points on celebrations and holidays and what not.  Do I have to remind you of Valentine's Day? 
I may have been looking forward to my birthday, but I never really had any expectations, which is where the disappointment comes in. All I wanted was to spend time with my family and that's just what I got! I woke up and got ready for the day, putting on my new dress, straightening my hair, having the boyfriend paint my toenails red since I'm not allowed to wear the red heels I wanted to wear in the house.  While I was straightening my hair, I saw my tiara that my aunt had given me for Christmas and I formulated a plan. I asked my cousins to bring over their tiaras too so we could be princesses together and I would have photo props. I also had a bunch of 3D glasses, so I popped the lenses out of those and made cute little hipster glasses! It was adorable because they were too big for Emily's face so I got a lot of pictures of her pushing them back up.
My grandpa barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs, which is what I asked for and we all had dinner.  It was very yummy. Next, was present time! My aunt gave me a bag full of snacks for my trip to Ohio. My cousins gave me cards that they made. I got a new laptop battery from my uncle.  My grandmother bought me pajama pants, which is exactly what I asked for. Boyfriend's mom gave me me three tripods and a camera bag. Last but not least, The boyfriend's present was the most special gift of them all. Two Christmases ago, before we were dating, he had given me a pink bracelet and I wore that bracelet EVERYDAY until one day it slipped off my wrist and shattered. He got me a green bracelet that looks exactly like the one he had given me before. <3
After presents, it was time for cake! Although, it wasn't real cake. Every year since I turned thirteen, I have had brownie sundaes for my birthday dessert because cake is not that great.  My grandmother made these brownies that looked like cake.  It was so delicious!
Now that everyone was full of barbecue food and brownie cake, we headed to the backyard to play some games. The cousins and I played soccer while the boyfriend took pictures. They even had little races across the yard. Overall, I had a wonderful day and could not have asked for anything better!

May 24, 2012

The Best Part of Cleaning

Finding the stuff you nearly forgot you had. <3

Everybody, meet Eden. He was my favorite teddy bear when I was a baby and we have gone on many adventures together, such as the time when I dropped him at a Flea Market and made my parents search for him. Obviously, I do not remember this, it's merely a story people tell me, but I do know that I love this bear.  He is faded now and probably doesn't like me much because he has been lost for most of my life, but when I find him again, memories rush into my mind.  I can't believe he has been in a box in my closet all this time. A box I forgot I even had.

May 23, 2012

New Clothes and Turtle Shells

 On Monday, I went shopping after work because I was in desperate need of some summer clothes.  At Old Navy, I found this adorable dress that I really liked, but I wasn't sure if I should buy it or not, so I left it, later to bring my grandmother back to the store to see what she thought of it.  She thought it was cute, so I will be wearing this dress on my birthday :]
Later, my cousins came over with a clothes basket and they were trying to get our dog, Molly to jump in it. However, Molly wanted no part of their shenanigans so we used the basket as a turtle shell instead! Oh the joys of a child's imagination! They are also so active, it's hard to get a decent picture of them, but I really like this one.

May 22, 2012

Seven Months

For our seven monthaversary, the boyfriend and I went to Olive Garden and had a delicious meal.  Salad, breadsticks, and the Tour de Italy, which comes with homemade lasagna, lightly breaded chicken parmigiana and creamy fettuccine alfredo. As you can imagine, that's a lot of food, so we always split it. :]

May 21, 2012

Goodbye Blockbuster

Today was the last day of work at Blockbuster so, I went through all the drawers, cabinets, nooks and crannies, finding stuff that I could use for art and crafts type things.  I found these awesome scented markers, tons of stickers, and so much more! I also found an old Star Wars poster that I gave to the boyfriend. He LOVED it. I'm excited to not be working anymore, but I'm also really going to miss all of my coworkers.