February 18, 2012

Niles Canyon Railway

First, we went to a park, but it wasn't that great of a park. Then we went driving through the Canyon, but you can't do that forever. While driving back, the boyfriend pulled over to where he saw some trains because "it seemed like a good idea at the time." Most likely his exact words. ;]  So, we go up to where the trains were and there was a no trespassing sign on the fence, so we weren't sure if we should go in or not and there were a couple of men working on a car.  The boyfriend asked if we could look around and the guy was hesitant at first, but then after a few forms and a bit of chit chat, we were able to spend the rest of the afternoon looking at the different trains and stuff. It was really cool. All of the workers are volunteer and you could tell that they really cared about what they were doing. It was an awesome day, but we would have never have done this if it wasn't for a spur of the moment stop.

February 17, 2012

Coyote Hills

Today, the boyfriend and I went to a place called Coyote hills. It was absolutely gorgeous. The sky was bright blue (I'm a sucker for a bright blue sky). There was water (also a sucker for water). I just had an awesome time climbing to the top of the hill with Daniel. We were laughing the entire time and taking pictures of each other. The view from the top was amazing as well.  Then, when we walked back down the hill, which took a lot less time than walking UP the hill, we went to the butterfly gardens, where there were no butterflies this time of year. Took pictures while drinking from a water fountain and of a water fountain and then we walked down this pathway through the water with reeds everywhere, but pictures of that will have to wait for later because I want to improve on them and I'm already given you two today.

February 16, 2012


This is my boyfriend's super cute, smelly dog.  He's pretty old and looks so sad. I feel really bad for him. I took a bunch of pictures of him today, but I wasn't too happy with them. This one was all right, but still not that great. I will just have to try again later.

February 15, 2012


At school, I have sat at the same bench for nearly two years now. Because of this, I know a lot of people who come around and their schedules and stuff because I'm super stalkerish. ANYWAYS. Theo, was not met at the bench, unlike most of my bench friends. I actually brought him to the bench. We originally met in Journalism class.  That class sucks, just so you know. Anyways, Theo brings his guitar sometimes and it's so shiny, I couldn't help but take pictures of it. I got some pretty good ones out of it too.

February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day, my boyfriend got me these gorgeous flowers and a box of chocolate covered peppermints.  He actually surprised me with the gifts. I didn't expect him (or really want him) to get me anything, but he did and it was perfect.  We then ate pizza, even though that wasn't planned (who knew you had to make reservations on Valentine's Day? ;]) The day didn't go exactly how he had planned, but it was still pretty fun.  Anytime that I get to spend with him is enjoyable. 

February 13, 2012

Hand Holding

Oh, please, say to me
You'll let me be your (wo)man
and please, say to me

You'll let me hold your hand
Now let me hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

- The Beatles.