February 17, 2012

Coyote Hills

Today, the boyfriend and I went to a place called Coyote hills. It was absolutely gorgeous. The sky was bright blue (I'm a sucker for a bright blue sky). There was water (also a sucker for water). I just had an awesome time climbing to the top of the hill with Daniel. We were laughing the entire time and taking pictures of each other. The view from the top was amazing as well.  Then, when we walked back down the hill, which took a lot less time than walking UP the hill, we went to the butterfly gardens, where there were no butterflies this time of year. Took pictures while drinking from a water fountain and of a water fountain and then we walked down this pathway through the water with reeds everywhere, but pictures of that will have to wait for later because I want to improve on them and I'm already given you two today.

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