March 26, 2012

Sunset Barbecue

Taken yesterday!
So, after we left the hospital, everyone was starving. Actually, they were hungry before we even got to the hospital, at least I was.  So, the guys decided to have a barbecue.  A few of them went to the grocery store and picked up some meats, corn, tortillas and some other food and we met at the park.  While the boyfriend was talking to his friends, I noticed how gorgeous the hills looked, so I kind of walked away over to the lake and started taking pictures.  I also got this amazing shot of the boats near the boathouse!


  1. What do you take your pictures with? they are so far from very good point of views and beautiful. I love the colors in these one <3 They make me calm :) Very pretty

  2. xD that sounds really nnice lol i just use my phone xD