April 28, 2012


 Today was an amazing day. Daniel got everything he wanted and more.  He got to hang out with his brother-in-laws and I got to spend time with his mom and sisters, which was pretty cool. It made me feel as if i was even more a part of their family than I did before.  I took pictures while the girls went shopping and they said that I would be doing the baby shower and maternity pictures, which is awesome because that means I must be doing something right if someone wants me to do their pictures. His mom kept telling me about how much she loved my pictures and stuff. It was just awesome. :]

Then we went out to eat and went back to his house to four layer chocolate cake and home videos.

<--- Look at him cheesin' before the candles are blown out. <3


  1. Omg tell him random person says happy late birthday :D and i hope all his and urs wishes come true :3
    Nice pic wit him all smilin xD

    1. I shall tell him!
      and thank you~!
      I really like that picture in color, because the background is completely black and you can't see him, but in black and white when you play with the levels, you can. It's pretty cool.

    2. Aha! thas just awsome :3 liek a hidden treasure o: