May 5, 2012


My grandmother, who lives in Idaho came down to visit for the week so the boyfriend and I spent the day with her and some of my other family members.  It was the first time the boyfriend met them, so it was a little awkward. Then again, when isn't it awkward around the boyfriend? ;]
Cinnamon, is my grandma's Wire-Haired Terrier.  She's a nice little dog and is trained quite well. (Have you ever met a dog that can whisper?) Cinnamon can! She is also very quite. I don't even remember her barking very much, except when my grandma told her to. Oh and there was that time when she heard a cat, but those are instances that are to be expected.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh <3 so adorable. ....She can whisper!? I wish my dog could do that -.-

    1. Yeah. it's like, she goes to bark, but no noise comes out really. It's so cute.