March 19, 2012

Three Generations

This was actually taken on the 18th, but I really wanted to share it.
So, after the beach, we were supposed to go to my house for my grandma's dinner that she made, but the boyfriend's brother-in-law called him so we stopped by his house first.  His whole family was there and we watched American Idol.  When we were about to leave, his sister asked us to wait because she wanted him to give something to their mom. Which happened to be an ultrasound.  Boyfriend is going to be an uncle. :]
and I took all of the first baby in ultrasound pictures.


  1. So sweet <3 Congrats to your bf! :) do you guys know gender yet? or is it gona be a surprise

    1. I don't think they do know it yet. I'm not sure though.