April 9, 2012

Guest Photographer: The Boyfriend

Today was not a good day and I have no specific reason why.  The boyfriend's mom wanted to spend the day with him and I was perfectly fine with that.  They went for a walk and then saw Wrath of the Titans.  After the movie, they were supposed to go to a restaurant for dinner.  She asked him to invite me, which was really sweet of her and then she decided to let us go to dinner by ourselves (also incredibly sweet).  We went to Chipotle and after we ate, we sat on this bench at Lake Elizabeth for a VERY long time, but before we sat down, Daniel took a picture of this carving. :]
When it got dark and cold, we went to his house and watched Big Bang Theory and Men in Black 2.


  1. I dont understand how it was a bad day? o: sounds good to me, well the last part at least :)

    1. The last part was good. :]
      It just wasn't that great. Certain people and I were fighting and drama filled the air. I needed my boyfriend fix to make me better. ;]