April 10, 2012

Air Force

This Little Bugger
So, I was standing in the rain, waiting on my ride so I could go home when this bird swoops down .  At first, I thought it was  a hawk by its wingspan, but later realized it was a crow.  How dare you deceive me bird! Also, while I was trying to take a picture, I would step forward and he would step backward. 

Then he flew away.


  1. it looks like a hawk! I love animals :D and very nice pic catchin him as fly's away xD
    Very pretty :)

    1. I thought it was a hawk at first too! But in my other pictures you can clearly tell that it's a crow.

    2. that is a bigg crow! O-O
      I love how you cpature dthis pic so much x3

  2. Hey, gaia name xXxSamanthaxXx :) That's such an awesome picture! I love it! :)

  3. I like this one the most, it's like the bird is doing an action pose

  4. Perfect a crow, the action and the scene really gives a feel to it! Looks ominous!