June 17, 2012

Father's Day Waterfalls!

For my next Ohio adventure, my [entire] family (mother, father, brother, AND sister) traveled to Cleveland to go to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where they have hiking trails and a river, and a waterfall. When we first got there, we took the route to go to the top of the waterfall to look down, but it was angled weird, so it definitely did not look impressive. However, at the end before we left, we went down to see it from the bottom and I would be lying if I said it wasn't breathtaking. 
We were walking along the pathway, which was filled with overgrown tree roots that created 'nature grown steps".  It was kind of hard to walk through all of the roots and rocks, but we managed all right.  We came to a fork in the trail and we could either go up the trail some more or over to the river.  I wanted to take pictures of the river.  There were dragonflies flying all around.  One even landed on my brother's arm.  My sister and I crossed the river using the rocks in the middle of it, which was actually pretty simple because there were so many.  Then I found a log that was PERFECT for a family picture and lucky for me, I had brought my tripod because I was hoping that would happen.  Traveling farther down the river, we ran into a fallen tree, which spanned from bank to bank.  My sister decided she had to walk across it because it's "one of those things you HAVE to do by the time you die."  Then we found a bridge and my brother and sister acted as if they were trolls. 
We climbed back up the bank up the bank continued on our way.  We ended up back at the parking lot so we went down to see the waterfall.  Back at the car, we were starving, so we went to Wendy's because it was really close and we had passed it on our way there.  It was connected to a gas station/truck stop and there were phones at the table. It was strange. Really strange. Made sense though after a while.
For father's day, my dad wanted to go race Go Karts, but it was raining (my sister and I were definitely dancing in the rain) so they were closed. We ended up going to a mall, but since it was Sunday, they closed at 6pm. We got there at 5:20pm.  Just enough time for my maja to buy clothes from Forever 21.
The day was pretty awesome and I hope my daddy thoroughly enjoyed it.  I'm glad I got to spend the day with him.  Even though we didn't get to do what he really wanted, hopefully we will get to race some Go Karts soon.