June 18, 2012

Summer Rain Storms

The day started off normal, sunny, bright blue skies.  Somehow, I convinced my mom that it was a good idea to go through all of her boxes and get rid of everything she didn't want.  She had enough of it.  The basement is pretty much filled, with a small pathway and then I section that is designated with my brother's stuff because that's where he sleeps....and plays his PS3. So, anyways, while we were going through boxes, the sky got really dark and rain drops began to fall.   

My brother came upstairs and asked us if we had heard a noise.  Apparently, he thought he had heard the tornado siren thing that goes off when there is a tornado warning.  My mom started freaking out and I had to look for a news channel to make sure there wasn't going to be a tornado, which wasn't as easy as it sounds considering they have Dish and the storm kept knocking out the signal.  Turns out, my brother has hearing problems.

 Also, later that day, we were watching a movie and my mom noticed that Moo (the kitten) was laying against Cassie (the dog).  It was so cute and I had to take a picture of the adorableness.


  1. I love rain <3 and Omg great pic of the dog and cat <3 very cute!

    1. I love the rain too :]
      Especially during the summer. You don't get that much in Cali...