June 13, 2012

Hiking With The Famiy

With my momma on vacation from work for two weeks, she plans on doing tons of cool adventure-y things with me while I'm here.  Today, we went hiking through some trails near our home.  My brother and sister came with us, along with Cassie, their dog.  I kind of wish there was more colors, but it's the woods. What do I expect, the rainforest?

 Finding cool places to take pictures and making my brother and sister pose for me was pretty awesome.  I really enjoy being able to make memories with them while I'm out here.  It's better than sitting in front of a TV or computer screen all day, that's for sure.

We found some unexpected things while exploring the woods.  A set of three little steps.was one of them.  I actually didn't even think about them until my mom pointed them out after I passed them.  I just had to take a picture, like always.  There was also a wooden bridge, which is necessary because it's wetlands apparently, but they need some rain so a lot of the water is dried up. 

Also, Cassie LOVES hiking and she must be in front of everyone.  If she falls behind, all you have to say is "Cassie, I'm in front of you!" and she sprints to the front.  She's such a good dog. Didn't try to run away once.


  1. Absolutley Gorgeous shots. The angle on the tree is stunning <3 Good shot in the dog to how you got her just chillin :)

    1. Cassie (the dog) was so hot, she just plopped right in the water! xD