June 2, 2012

SF: Coit Tower and Pier 39

Man in Coit Tower Reading a Map
The boyfriend planned an amazing trip to San Francisco for us today.  Probably one of the first that I haven't had to alter in some form.  Once he woke up, he came, got me, and we took BART to San Francisco, where we would be going to Coit Tower and Pier 39.  We nearly got lost going the wrong immediately after leaving the station. Luckily, SF has maps all over the place!  The boyfriend was annoyed part of the way to the tower because of a guy who was trying to earn money by shining shoes, but that passed and we had a wonderful time despite the crowds, strange smells, and steep hills.

Finally, we made it to Coit Tower and I was taking a TON of pictures of the cityscape and of the Bay Bridge.  Even without going up the tower, we were still pretty high. To go up, you had to enter a small elevator that held about ten passengers.  All the way at the top, you could see for MILES.  It was truly amazing. People were putting all kinds of different coins from around the world through the cracks of the windows and I couldn't help but wonder why people did this and what happened to the coins later.

Once we were done with the tower, we walked over to the pier in search for dinner.  Boyfriend wanted to go to his favorite restaurant there, Bubba Gump's, which serves fish. I do NOT eat seafood.  Lucky for him, they had a delicious burger option.  The restaurant was completely Forrest Gump themed.  The waitress even stopped by our table and asked trivia questions about the movie (we got them all right, of course).

After dinner, we stepped outside to find that the weather was now FREEZING.  I was wearing shorts and the boyfriend didn't bring a jacket because he didn't want to carry it.  We sure learned our lesson that day.  Always take extra clothes with you while going to San Francisco!

It Was Too Hard To Pick Just One, So Here Are Eight More!

View from Base of Coit Tower
It's the Coit!
More views of the City
Elevator! Ding Ding!
View of the Bay Bridge from the Top of Coit Tower
   I want to know why people put coins on the window ledges...  
Stopping in the middle of the road to take a picture of a moped
View of Coit Tower While Walking Back To BART


  1. Whoa it looks amazing :D I love th ecoin shot and the scene from the base of the tower!

    1. Thanks! I love them all, but my favorite is the one in the middle of the road