March 17, 2011

Shouldn't be at school when the moon is out.

I didn't go to school until 2 PM today because I didn't have my Psychology class, but I did have to stay until 9 PM because of a [really boring] extra credit Psych lecture about Evolution vs. Creationism. I feel like it should have been more about comparing the two, but Eugenie Scott pretty much spent two hours talking about how people who believe in Creationism are wrong and are trying to get Evolution taken out of schools. I wish she would have spent more time explaining why the people feel the way they do about this topic, but ehh, oh well. Personally, I believe in both Evolution and Creationism.

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  1. I'd just like to say that that was a stupid lecture. I hate this idea of evolution, it is so vague! It should be creationism vs. phylogeny, which is that whole tree diagram about how animals have evolved over long periods of time. Because it's based on the fossil record it is not possible to prove, just like creationism is not possible to prove. Give me that professor's email and I will shoot my opinions to her. XP