March 15, 2011

Study, Study, Study!

While waiting for my math class to start, I had been trying to study for my history midterm that I have tomorrow.  The studying didn't get very far, but it did make for a wonderful photo op.

Apparently, everyone and their grandmother owns a pencil similar to the one pictured. They are truly amazing pencils and a sad day it will be when I finally lose it. I do have a teal pencil on hand for when that day does decide to come though.


  1. I own five of those things: two purple, two pink, and one green. They are the only pencil I will use.

    I have to go buy more soon, though, 'cause I stop using them after I break the clip off. I stick them in the spiral of my sketchbook lol

  2. I absolutely hate it when the clips break off of pens and pencils. D:

  3. Homework sucks.