April 17, 2012

School With A View

This morning, on my way to Biology Lab, I past by this view and I really wanted to take a picture because it was gorgeous! Unfortunately, I had a ton of books and stuff in my arms, so I quickly walked to the classroom (which wasn't very far away), dropped off my books and went back to the view.  It looks nice in the picture, but it was MUCH better in person.


  1. Its absolutley gorgeous o-o Im jealous xD
    I like how you got that house in it to, it fits :3

  2. That's actually not a house, it's one of the buildings at school. :]

    1. lol i fgured that after i wrote it xD but it looks like a really cool building o-o

    2. Yeah, my school has pretty cool looking stuff. Just sucks that it's in the middle of nowhere.